Stratocaster, was the dream guitar for every electric guitar player, at least of my age… Let’s build a Strat…Along with Nick Pavlakis, we started tweaking and redesigning this classic shape, which was mandatory for this built. We want an instrument build for lead roles, we like Hi-gain, we like distortion, we didn’t want tremolo for [...]

A functional approach of the Mersenne’s law

Guitar strings is a huge and one of the first topics of interest for every guitarist. There is a vast amount of options in the market along with promises for their effectiveness. Let’s see what happens, looking form a physics point of view. A string has to produce an acoustic frequency. The mathematical equation that [...]


Regarding this technique Many times, new manufacturing techniques are invented to fill up where traditional techniques fail to deliver. Multiscaling though is not a novelty, at least, not anymore. It’s been around for the last 100 years or more and we know so, from the literature for this field. We know from physics, that a [...]


V7 my first multiscale built, some years ago… A, nowadays, well known metal act from Thessaloniki, Kin Beneath Chorus, starting to grow and I and there supporting, in my ways, this growth. I know these guys very well, for years - George Papas, one of the guitarists, is my logo designer, for which I am [...]